Bovver boy




Named 14th fattest cat in the NHS by the Daily Telegraph in 2011, has Mr Tim ‘bovver boy’ Smart, done his job and fired Katrina Percy and Dr Lesley Stevens?

You bet not.



Instead, he has achieved the impossible by receiving two complaints against him alleging that he bullied family representatives and governors who chose to speak out against the Trust at the recent Board Meeting – and he did it in public! Read more….

And surprise, surprise, in the 2015 survey of NHS staff, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, (where he was Chief Executive Officer) had a worse record for bullying staff than Southern Health under Katrina Percy’s regime, which was itself recently likened to the North Korean Congress! In brief:


  1. The % of staff experiencing harassment, bullying and abuse from staff was “!Above (worse than) averageat King’s and had not improved since the 2014 survey, whilst at Southern Health it was “Average”¹ and no change.
  2. If discrimination in an indicator of bullying, those figures don’t look great either. The % experiencing discrimination at work at King’s was “!Above (worse than) average” whilst the comparative figure at Southern Health was “Average”.
  3. And in case anyone thinks that the % witnessing potentially harmful errors, near misses or incidents in the month preceding the survey could be worse than Southern Health’s ranking, “!Above (worse than) average” with no change since 2014 , then King’s tops the lot:

    “!Highest (worst) 20%

And it was worst in 2014 too.

SHNFT - Staff Survey 2016-05-26 001


For full surveys click here and search by Trust name.






Kings Staff Survey 2016-05-26 001

Here is the gist of a complaint to NHS Improvement and Southern Health (HR):

“Mr Smart has received two complaints about his conduct towards Governors and the public at the Board Meeting on 24 May 2016. To paraphrase your Bullying & Harassment Policy, his behaviour was perceived as offensive, intimidating, malicious and insulting (to one’s intelligence). It was an abuse of his position and (in ** opinion) intended to undermine, humiliate and denigrate. His behaviour was unwarranted and unwelcome to those in the public seats.

It made many in the public seats feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated and offended. As your policy confirms, even if there was no intent to cause offence (which * dispute), if an individual’s perception is that the behaviour and conduct is unacceptable; it is the impact of the conduct and not the intention which determines whether or not the behaviour is unacceptable.”

The fact that he has received two formal complaints speaks for itself. At least two people perceived he was bullying them and both know (from discussions after the meeting) that they represent the views of others present.


Great start Smart!



And NHS [Un]-Improvement’s response, “Dear John….” – too angry to comment tonight.

¹ The ‘average’ refers to the ranking across England compared to all acute trusts for King’s and all combined Mental Health, Learning Difficulties and Community Trusts for Southern Health. It is reasonable to argue that the majority of Southern Health’s patients are seriously ill, albeit not in terms of physical illness.

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