Fed up with writing bad things, so thought I’d start some life history – in reverse order.

Gives the game away about my false identity to the left!

GH in Tenerife 2016-07-17 001

Los Gigantes, Tenerife

1986 – 1990 – All that publicity about being sacked might bring benefits in avoiding an Employment Tribunal but it makes one almost unemployable. But there’s an easy solution – take off to sunnier climes to manage the sales and marketing operation of a property company. No chance of a depressive episode in the sun!  

2016-02-12 002a

Touching note – handwritten by my two ‘main men’ – John Marrison and Geoff Selvidge – both in line for my job. Tucked in a box, where it couldn’t be seen when I cleared desk

2016-02-12 003a



First example of the stigma of mental illness – sacked just before  discharged for what was then known as ‘Executive Burnout’ – a better term?

Call from reception at The Priory, Roehampton asking me to collect card from employer – she was nearly right – it was not a card (as in get well) it was my cards.

Just to make sure, they posted copy to home so wife knew before I could call her next day.

Consultant, Dr Desmond Kelly, came straight to room on arrival (the ward sister told him) expecting me to be in meltdown again – found me raring to go with a solicitor already instructed!

Incidentally, ‘Motor Cycle News‘ and ‘Motoring News‘ (see below  ‘Meet The People’ ) were EMAP publications when EMAP represented consumer interests. These titles are now owned respectively by Bauer Media Group and Haymarket Media Group. 

EMAP has the same name but not the same ownership and management that now produces incestuous publications like the Nursing Times and Health Service Journal.

But at least EMAP is honest:

“Our purpose is to connect professional communities and inspire them to know, to grow, progress and win. Brands such as HSJ and Retail Week create deep relationships and unparalleled reach, to increase value for our customers.”

Ref: incestuous [OED 7th ed, definition 2]

2016-02-12 001a

MotorCycle International – January 1986 edition – Babs Ryan – Marketing Manager at Kawasaki. Massive effort needed in those days to persuade my Japanese Directors to promote a woman to a ‘Manager’ position.


1984 – From Roehampton Priory to London nightclub to receive ‘Motorcycle News’ Machine of the Year 1983 – and back to the Priory. Would an NHS hospital allow this?


1981 Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, Akashi near Kobe, Japan – As Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Kawasaki Motors UK Ltd2016-02-12 004a with leading UK dealers.

1980 – I don’t know how the word ‘partner’ – referring to the driver – would be interpreted 25 years later and … did I really wear that jacket!

2016-02-09 004

The end – 100 mph plus on an old airfield stage – the engine was fine but wheels would have helped!

2016-02-09 002

Near the end of motor sport.

2016-02-09 003

Somewhere in UK before 1974 petrol crisis.

2016-02-09 005

Blind brow – who had most confidence in the map reading?

2016-02-11 003a

1973 – with Linda Hooks, Miss International 1972

Skip 002a



1972? – RAC International Rally for Dealer Team Skoda.


2016-02-11 002

1972 – with Marilyn Ward, Miss United Kingdom 1971, 1st runner-up Miss WorldR3 001a







That’s early enough – I’m beginning to date myself.


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