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Anyone with a verifiable story or comments about Southern Health is  welcome to contact CRASH in confidence:


07787 972181



Please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ facility below, if possible leaving an email address. 

Please make comments on individual blog posts using the facility on the Blog page.



10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Crash, thanks for your reply. My head is spinning with it all, I have great admiration for all you fighting loud. Be great to talk more . Disgusted Mazzar helpline is actually sloven. I will be contacting my MP this week.


      • The helpline set up following the report, is sold as NHS England but they pass concern straight to sloven. Seen this myself as have been contacted by brothers team in response to me raising concern rather than NHS England.


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  5. Hello
    I am Lynne
    I am making a complaint against mental health care
    They are a big organisation
    Merseycare /nhs trust
    I will email with more details
    I don’t want my complaint to fais away and mean nothing
    Mental health trusts need to be made accountable for wast


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