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These are some of the key players at Southern Health – past and current. 


Cropped 3 Simon Waugh PSed©    Simon Waugh

Immediate-past Chairman with glittering career prior to appointment:



Allegedly, abandoned the National Apprenticeship Scheme to spend more time with his family (where have we heard that one before) – straight into the Chair at Southern Health.

Trustee of Age (UK),  whose Chief Executive is Tom Wright (see below).

Age UK claims to be, “The country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. We believe in a world where everyone can love later life and we work every day to achieve this.”

Yet see what Mazars allegedly found about Southern Health’s treatment of over-65s with mental health problems at:


cropped 3 Katrina structure©    Katrina ‘Teflon’ Percy

Known to use Southern Health’s Persistent & Unreasonable Complainant Policy to silence a complainant, who is persistent but not unreasonable, and condones breaches of The Data Protection Act 1998, despite advice from Information Commissioner’s Office and Department of Health.

Apt descriptions available by searching her name at:

https://mydaftlife.wordpress.com/ and http://justicefornico.org/

Cropped 3 Leslie Stevens structure©    Dr Lesley ‘Slippery’¹ Stevens

As Southern Health’s Clinical Director in 2012, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Director from July 2013 until July 2015 and Medical Director at the time of Connor Sparrowhawk’s Inquest, allegedly she does not know where the buck stops when there are failings in care!

The buck stops somewhere and we’ve heard no-one is clear where the buck stops.”

Oh! If the twitter feed is correct, she omitted to tell the jury that she was Clinical Director before July 2013

Covers KP’s back on just about everything.

As long ago as 18 April 2012 [‘Hansard’ 18 Apr 2012 Column 79WH], Rt. Hon. Dr Julian Lewis MP referred to Southern Health directors’, “Slippery” methods; “A Trust that could not be trusted”; “A so-called independent report”; and acting “Out of order” and associated Dr Stevens specifically with these terms. How prophetic!

As Caldicott Guardian, she refuses to comply with The Data Protection Act 1998, despite interventions by Department of Health and Information Commissioner’s Office.

¹ Hansard’ 18 Apr 2012 Column 79WH

Sue Harriman headshot©    Sue ‘Hello Sailor’ Harriman

Abandon ship! As a registered nurse, trained in Royal Navy with a 16-year military career, she was Southern Health’s Deputy Chief Executive, operational lead and executive lead on performance, planning, and corporate governance before jumping ship to become Chief Executive at Solent NHS Trust.

Misled (deliberately or by lack of diligence) NHS England, the Department of Health, Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group, a private Consultant and a complainant about the existence of medical records containing evidence of misconduct by a social worker and two doctors.

Sue should remember the Military Code of Honour, which continues in civilian life, and the Duty of Candour applicable to Registered Nurses . There is more on both on the Blog (post December 15 2015). 

There are comments too on Dr Ryan’s blog – searchHarriman

cropped 3 Martin Diaper 465 (1)©    Dr Martyn Diaper (nickname too obvious)

2014 – Southern Health Medical Director (Quality) and Caldicott Guardian – his responsibilities  included clinical lead for patient safety.

2015 – NHS England’s Head of Patient Safety (Primary Care) and chairman of the Primary Care Patient Safety Expert Group at NHS England. In this capacity, he, “Explains the importance of reporting in patient safety.”

As Caldicott Guardian, at Southern Health he failed to comply with the requirements of The Caldicott Manual 2010 by not responding to a patient who had genuine concerns about Southern Health’s compliance with The Data Protection Act 1998. On December 2014, he had the audacity also to attempt to mislead the Department of Health. Refused to take action prescribed by Information Commissioner and Department of Health.

Was this clear conflicts of interest partly responsible for NHS England’s prevarication over publication of the Mazars Review? Surely not!

Any criticism of Southern Health’s management and leadership in respect of ‘Quality’ and reporting patient safety in 2014 is an implicit criticsm of this current NHS England official.

Trevor Spires - Smiling1




© Trevor ‘Honest John’ Spires


Rude to your scribe but claims never to have been part of a corrupt organisation. Has been in bed (metaphorically) with Katrina ‘Teflon’ Percy for many years. Answers letters discourteously (and on plain A4 paper without signing them) and evades pertinent points by not answering the questions. The jury is still out: watch this space.

cropped Tom Wright©    Tom Wright

cropped 21258551_l         Cathy ‘Larkin’ about’ Lakin

cropped copy 47913661_m (1)           Now reserved for Lead Governor – Andrew Jackman.

Where were all the governors and what were they doing whilst all this was going on?

Read more on the current governors, click here.

Sothern Health directors continue to intervene to stop governors talking to complainants and the Chairman of Governors (now Tim Smart) remains as Chairman of the Board too? See The Shambles.’



cropped 12010377_s           Reserved?


Note: In many NHS organisations ‘Director’ is a title given to officials who are not directors in the commercial meaning of the word (Board Director). Nevertheless, as they purport to be directors, patients are entitled in  law to assume they  have authority to commit their employer.


© Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust [under FOI1036 – 17 November 2015]

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