Katrina Percy – “Bad at her job”

Katrina Percy’s Farewell even made the ‘Editorial Comments’ column of ‘The Daily Telegraph’ yesterday, with perhaps the most apt headline and comment.

2016-09-01 2016-09-01 002 001 Headline

In addressing the problems the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt is facing, the editorial concludes that the best hope of narrowing the gap between resources and demand is to manage the NHS more efficiently. It went on to say:

“The need for efficiency means it is, in turn, vital that the NHS has the best-possible managers, executives who can squeeze the maximum amount of high-quality care from every pound spent. This grim situation is in the context for the case of Katrina Percy….

Ms Percy was bad at her job [bold added]. Under her management, the trust failed to protect patients from harm according to the Care Quality Commission. It failed to investigate hundreds of patient deaths and there are questions about millions of pounds it paid to consultancy firms run by previous associates of Ms Percy, who admits her position had become “untenable”. Yet she retains her £240,000 pay package and a job as an ‘advisor’.

Such excess is sadly not unique…. To Mr Hunt’s heavy in-tray must be the added task of tackling a scandalous culture of impunity and largesse among health service executives.” 

This was in addition to the Telegraph’s news story. Read here →

Call for Public Accounts Committee Investigation:

Sir Nicholas Soames MP, speaking to ‘The Daily Mail’ called on the Public Accounts Committee, which oversees spending of taxpayers’ money, to investigate the deal. Describing it as ‘Absolutely disgusting” and evidence of an NHS ‘merry-go-round’, he went on to say:

“It seems extraordinary that this astonishing person believes that she can stay on and laugh in the face of the public by being paid this sum. There has been a failure of competence and leadership in the first place and also over the use of public money. It is about as bad as you could get.

‘It’s what makes people rightly furious. And I agree with them – it is disgusting behaviour.’

John Pugh MP, a long-standing member of the Public Accounts Committee, speaking to ‘The Daily Mail’:

‘I’d love to believe that this is just an isolated instance but it’s a clear pattern in the higher reaches of the NHS. With the health service desperately struggling for cash, such criminal waste of money has got to be questioned and stopped.’

Rob Greig, former Department of Health director for learning disabilities told the BBC:

‘Any reputable job evaluation process would not conclude that those two jobs merited the same salary.’

And as per our earlier post today, perhaps the most poignant comment of all is by a reader, Andy Mann of Dorset in ‘The Daily Mail’:

“They need to investigate the person that gave her this job!

Here’s a clue:

 Tim Smart

Tim Smart – Interim Chairman with a record of failure as Chief Executive of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which led to Monitor taking regulatory action. Remuneration – £255,000+ (King’s Annual Reports & Accounts 2014-15). Read more here →


Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of Monitor/NHS Improvement, who rarely (if ever) responds to mere complainants. Remuneration in  previous role at CEO of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – £255,000+ (Northumbria Healthcare’s Annual Reports & Accounts 2014-15).


No doubt we will hear the ‘Sharon Shoesmith’ defence soon.

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