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We aim to bring together all patients and families with concerns about Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust following publication of the Mazars Review.  Unlike the Mazars Review, this campaign is for ‘survivors’  with concerns too. 

For brevity and ease of reference, we use ‘Southern Health’  or (as it is called elsewhere) ‘Sloven‘ for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. 


ABOUT: Southern Health, including some of the principle ‘players’



OVERSIGHT: Of Southern Health by Regulators, Commissioners & Ombudsmen ¹

HISTORY: Author’s history ¹

MEDICAL: Issues relating to mental illness, physical illness & disability ¹ 

LEGAL: Relevant legal issues, including Human Rights ¹

CASE LAW: Legal authority resource ¹

CONTACT: Telephone hotline & email address

LINKS: Useful links ¹

This site is dedicated to the memory of Connor Sparrowhawk and his mother (Dr Sara Ryan), whose fortitude and dignity are inspirational) and all the families of Sothern Health’s victims. Other verifiable cases are welcome.

Important Notice:  

© Campaign for Reform at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and the editor in person hold copyright on all written and photographic material on this blog (save where indicated otherwise). Applications to use the material for non-commercial use will normally be accepted on an free of charge basis. For commercial use, a contribution to the campaign will be negotiated. In both cases, please email crash@marchwood.free-online.co.uk.

Where the copyright holder is a third party, applicants should approach the third party concerned, not CRASH.


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