Sudden Wealth NHS Financial Lust



Following more excellent forensic inquiries by Michael Buchanan of the BBC – he of Hurricane Katrina fame – Michael alleges:


“A troubled NHS trust has paid millions of pounds to companies owned by previous associates of its embattled Chief Executive.

One firm received more than £5m despite winning a contract valid at less that £300,000, while another was paid more than £500,000 without bidding at all.

Both are owned by former acquaintances of Southern Health NHS Trust’s chief executive Katrina Percy.”

And the response from Sudden Wealth Southern Health?

“The Trust takes its financial responsibilities very seriously.”

Just like everything else: it takes unexpected deaths very seriously; it takes failures to provide patients’ data (especially on RiO) very seriously; it takes complaints very seriously – and so on ad nauseam – but does naff all about any of it – except employ more consultants. Read more here →

The National Audit Office knows already of the profligate use of public money, which Michael has un-earthed. If anyone has further evidence of Southern Wealth wasting money, they should provide it to:

Laura Brackwell, Director, Health Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office, 157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SP

And Michael has unearthed another interesting fact. Despite having circa 14 spin doctors of its own, Southern Wealth has now commissioned top PR Consultants Portland Communications, who claim to:

“Work with our clients to develop research-led strategies that will achieve their communications and business goals.

Draft convincing narratives and focused messaging which we use to create compelling content including speeches, opinion pieces, interactive graphics and reports.

Deliver this content to inform and persuade the audiences that matter from employees, customers and regulators, to the media and influencers around the world.”

And who features in their list of consultants – master of spin – Alistair Campbell¹.

And they don’t come cheap! Who next – Tony & Cherie Blair? Perhaps even Southern Wealth could not afford them.

Southern Health is over eight months late in managing their crisis anyway.

Mr Smart: would it not have been cheaper to read about crisis management here →

It’s not rocket science – suspend Percy, Stevens, Gordon, Berryman and Spires and start to build from there!

¹ Involvement of Alistair Campbell (whilst expensive) might not be as negative as we might first imagine. I believe he has suffered from depression personally and certainly campaigns strongly for mental health, for example through Mental Health Rethink.

He donated some of his phone hacking settlement money to them. Read more→

CRASH feels another letter coming on… Dear Alistair.

14319741_s Professor Hatton has analysed Southern Heath’s 2015-16 accounts.

Amount paid to Directors up; amount paid to staff down!

Read more here →

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