Spinning around, spinning around

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWe thought we had written enough about poo but found some for sale very close to Southern Health’s HQ shortly after seeing their take on the latest CQC report. It appears to us that Southern Health have been busy polishing again.

CQC report (lower half of page 1):

CQC Report ReducedNo ‘Outstanding overall ratings: read the full CQC report here→

Southern Health’s News Release, paragraph 1:

“Today (2 October 2018) the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have published their comprehensive report into Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. Whilst the Trust remains rated as ‘requires improvement’ overall, the CQC have found many signs of progress across the organisation, with over 84% of service areas now rated as ‘good or ‘outstanding’.”

Whirligig icon cartoon


(Spinning around, spinning around)
I’m spinning around.¹  


Read the spin news release here→. Sadly no mention  here of the leadership requiring improvement.

Readers can compare the two and draw their own conclusions. 

CRASH is sure there are caring and responsive staff at Southern Health, who warrant a ‘Good’ rating but what is the point of caring and responsive staff when patient safety, effectiveness of services and leadership all require improvement?

Indeed, we can reasonably argue that Southern Health would recruit even more permanent caring and responsive staff (saving money on locums, freelancers and ‘bank staff’), if prospective recruits believed they were joining a safe, effective, well-led Trust.  

2013 MTV Movie Awards


(Sorry boys – Royalty Free images, very limited)

¹ Kylie Minogue

Lyrics here




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