Mental Health Man of the Week

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s post was to be titled ‘Red Mist owing to recent interactions with Southern Health and others in the last two weeks.


At the last minute, we came across a much needed ‘good news’ story. (‘Red mist‘ follows.)

It is the heartwarming story of Chris Ryder (@CWRyder), lifelong supporter of Barnsley Football Club, who tweeted about his “anxiety, stress and depression” on 8 August. He then shared an image of a letter he received from the Club’s Chief Executive, Gauthier Ganaye (@GGanaye), who opened with an apology for writing at random and wrote:

“I felt like I wanted to reach out to you and get in touch.

“I’ve noticed through social media that you’ve had a bit of a hard time recently, I’m not sure what it is but I hope everything improves for you as soon as possible.

“You’ve been a fan of the club for many years and always supported us, so we want you to know that if the favour needs returning and we need to support you, please do let us know.”

Dkjc-BpWsAAlcsVGauthier continued:

“You are welcome to swing by any time. My office door is always open….”

Having urged Chris to contact MIND,  if he needs to, Gauthier closed:

“Keep supporting the Reds, Chris. We’ll keep supporting you.”

When the letter went viral, a spokesperson for the club told HuffPost UK:

“We feel that every comment we could make is in the letter, other than that obviously the door is open to anybody in the community [bold added] that needs us.”

Has anyone received such a kind, empathetic and sympathetic open invitation from a Southern Health Director – or a Director of any NHS organisation – much less an “open door” to anybody in the community who needs their organisation? 

Gaultier was the youngest Chief Executive in the football league when he was appointed to the role at Barnsley FC in May 2017, at the age of 29. Before that, he was on the executive committee for French team Racing Club de Lens.

MONSIEUR GANAYE: Southern Health is currently recruiting Non-Executive Directors. Its service users and bereaved families need your empathy and understanding – even more so to ‘balance’ its Board with Directors with experience of the ‘real [commercial] world.’

Other like-minded, experienced persons should also apply!

Information here→            To learn more email Company Secretary here→.

Come on you Reds“: … and for balance … “You ain’t seen nothing like the Mighty Quins.”





4 thoughts on “Mental Health Man of the Week

  1. What a fantastic letter!
    I wish I could so eloquently say sonething very similar – as a Public Governor at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust my door also is always open to anyone in Hampshire (or indeed further afield) who thinks that my support might assist them – indeed I often will travel to meet people whenever I can – contact me at or call or text on 07812 171 825 If I cannot help directly I will always try and find someone who could help and advise

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