‘Third World’ NHS Care

Anyone reading this blog might be interested in the following recent reports and blogs, which are highly recommended. 


84008918 - trapped rubber stamp

Hundreds of thousands of disabled and ill people in the UK are being detained unlawfully in care homes and hospitals, according to a new report by the Law Commission.

The Commission claims that proper processes and checks are not being carried out in many cases. Read more here→

[Original source: Sandi Beers]




Documents the lack of specific understanding that exists in Government on mental health issues. “The question and the Government response is incoherent→” 



Anorexic student, 19, starved to death after she was failed by ‘Third World’ NHS care:” 



The deeply moving, sad story of Avril Hart and her family’s five-year fight for justice told by her father.

© Nick Hart


Another story of multi-agency failure in NHS, including references to: 

  • Delays.
  • Refusal to answer questions.
  • A convoluted system preventing the full facts from emerging.
  • Additional notes made on medical records two weeks after death. 

[Original source: ‘The Daily Mail’ 8 December 2017 (Warning: contains graphic image) and Fully story here→

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