Seven-up & counting

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15 months (almost to the day) after publication  of the Mazars Review, Non-Executive Directors finally find their consciences!  Or was it their appraisals, which encouraged them?

Nice one Alan.



Chairman of Audit Sub-Committee, who failed to act when the overspend on the Talent Works contract was identified. Also Chairman of the Rural Payments Agency, which the National Audit Office seriously criticised inter alia for, “Poor and dysfunctional leadership and wasting public money:

Claimed never to have been part of a corrupt organisation. Read more→


Judith Smyth for website X

J Smythe


Claims to be expert in commissioning, governance and strategic leadership with a style: “Challenging, upbeat and strongly focused on outcomes.”

So why did Mazars expose a 4-year failure of leadership and governance and why was Katrina Percy’s conduct not challenged robustly.



Alleged experienced health and social care leader; clinician (Mental Health, Older People Care and Learning Disabilities); experience of service improvement, organisational change and strengthening  governance.

So why did we not see these skills used to improve Southern Health.


Tracey Faraday-Drake for website X

T F-Drake


Claims to be, “Deeply committed to endeavouring to provide exceptional high quality services for the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Tell that to those who lost loved-ones under Southern Health’s care!




Gained some sympathy in the last few months but too late.

Associated with notorious breach of data security.




And much earlier:


Nearly sunk a sinking ship.

Just search this blog or the web for details.




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Pass the sick bag – Katrina Percy, Strategy Consultant is coming out to play.

Could this really be the LinkedIn profile of the same person?


“An experienced Chief Executive with over 20 years in healthcare leadership across all sections of the NHS and internationally. I have a track record of inspiring individuals, organisations and systems to transform the way they operate and have developed a reputation as a highly regarded Chief Executive, known for:

● Inspirational and visionary leadership, attracting and developing highly talented leaders
● Focusing on staff engagement to improve productivity, innovation and quality
● Creating a culture which is open, accessible and energised, and results in improvements in patient care across a large dispersed organisation
● Delivering ambitious service transformation, financial, quality and operational performance
● Successfully delivering a major acquisition of services.”

Katrina Percy B.Sc. First Class Honours in Irony?

Katrina structure X


Katrina Percy

B.Sc. Hons, Geography, Upper Second Class Honours


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