Appraise a NED!



NED and Daisy at the British National Ploughing Championship


What is a NED?¹ Take your pick:

Non Executive Director

No Effort Detected (UK medical)

No Error Detection (Computing)




Known by some as Non Effective Directors, the Council of Governors at Southern Health did not carry out annual appraisals of its NEDs in 2016 – despite the findings of the Mazars Review and all the other criticism in the public domain. The common thread to public questions at the Board Meeting on 31st January is here→ – ‘The Bad’.

This per se is indicative of an ineffective Lead Governor and Council of Governors. Effective governors were always in a minority; some subjected to bullying; and others resigned.

However, the current Interim Chairman shows promise and has undertaken to complete the appraisals by the end of his current contract, 4th Match 2017 we believe.

We are sure he would welcome evidence-based feedback from bereaved families and other campaigners as well as governors, especially as the majority of governors still appear incapable of holding NEDs to account. One governor wrote of the last Council meeting:

I have firm views on the role of Governors and do not see the governors fulfilling this at the present time. We also have a strange mix of people as Governors. Some seem very ineffectual.”

In short, we cannot rely on the majority of governors to do their job properly in assessing the performance of NEDs.

Dr Sara Ryan² has kindly agreed to publish her observations on the

Anyone wishing to make constructive criticism of one or more NED, can contact the Interim Chairman’s PA at Southern Health or email comments to CRASH in confidence for onward transmission. (CRASH will not forward abusive, malicious or otherwise offensive comments and will not publish any comments without consent.)

Normally, we redact the names of ‘the good guys’ [and gals!] and leave in names of ‘the opposition’. In this case, Sara has agreed we can publish her name and we currently believe the Interim Chairman is a ‘good’ guy too so we do not put his direct contact details in the public domain. His name is already available on Southern Health’s web site.

1 To avoid confusion, in urban lingo NED can stand for a Non-Educated Delinquent.  

2 This blog is dedicated to the memory of Connor Sparrowhawk and recognises the fortitude and dignity of his mother, Dr Sara Ryan in seeking justice.

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