A Year for Change?

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Wish list for 2017

Events for January



It is over a year since the Mazars ‘Death’ Review into Southern Health and some           complainants have entered the 6th  year of their battle for justice. The only positive change in all this time is that Alan Yates (current Interim Chairman) and Julie Dawes(Interim CEO) are actually talking (and we believe ‘listening’!) to patient groups.

Our primary wish for 2017 is for something to be ‘seen to be’ done to make improvements. Not everything, which needs to be done, can be achieved quickly but there are measures that could be taken this month to demonstrate progress. 

There are 5 key meetings taking place in the next 28 days, most of which are open to all those with an interest in the improvement of mental health and learning disability services provided by Southern Health. 

To give Alan and Julie the support they need to overcome the laissez faire attitude of the rest of the Southern Health Board, most of the governors, NHSI Improvement and the Care Quality Commision (“CQC”) (demonstrated by these links), it is essential that these meetings are well supported and that we make our views known forcibly.

13th January 2017 – facilitated by Healthwatch Hampshire, an existing group of patient representatives, governors and others is meeting Dr Paul Lelliott (CQC Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, mental health lead) and his Inspection Managers in Winchester. Email here for further information about the group: new members welcome.

The purpose and objectives of this meeting are outlined in a paper below, sent to the CQC in advance. 

18th January 2017 – a workshop for families, carers, patients and service providers, organised by Southern Health to discuss the development of an action plan, which follows a number of reports and reviews that show they are failing to adequately involve people who may be accessing their services.

Venue The Hall at Wells Place, Eastleigh, 1pm to 3pm (arrival from 12.45pm). If you wish to be involved email Mrs Chris Woodfine or telephone 023 8087 4146 or 07771 388495.

31 January 2017 –  9am Southern Health Board Meeting held in public at Trust HQ with an opportunity to ask questions and meet Board Directors. Full details here→ (where an agenda will also be available closer to the meeting). Advanced notice of attendance is not required – just turn up – but questions are requested in advance by email.

31 January 2017 – 2pm Southern Health Council of Governors’ Meeting held in public with an opportunity to ask robust questions about why Council Members (with notable exceptions) have failed to do their job properly in holding Non-Executive Directors to account and in representing the views of (and engaging with) the public .

Full details of the meeting here→ (where an agenda will also be available closer to the meeting) and more about the Council’s performance here→. Advanced notice of attendance is not required – just turn up. 

1 February 2017 – the same workshop as on 18 January at a different location.

Venue The West Wing at Portchester Community Centre, 1.30pm to 3.30pm (arrival from 1.15pm.)  If you wish to be involved email Mrs Chris Woodfine or telephone as above.

Meeting with CQC

This paper has been sent to the CQC for the meeting on 13th January 2017: it describes inter alia the current perceived state of play. We urge anyone, who is not a party  to the meeting, to make similar points by emailing Dr Paul Lelliott at the CQC or Jim Mackey at NHSI. cqc-purpose

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