Festive Fun!


42972396 - festive blonde writing her christmas list on vignette backgroundChristmas fun with the NHS. Prizes:

1st – Christmas dinner with Tim Smart  £0.03

2nd – Risk assessment by Dr Stevens £0.02

3rd Prize – YSC Capability Review  £0.01




Ever wonder why one part of the NHS often does not know what another part is doing? Here’s an organogram¹ to start:



Here is one more for starters: 

The NHS Branding Authority  – Since January 2015 has spent a (no doubt) considerable amount of taxpayers’ money on a review including: 

“Extensive public and stakeholder research and engagement”

To produce:

A new NHS Identity policy and technical guidelines, to reflect the current and future needs of patients, the public and users of the NHS Identity, are planned to be in place by Spring 2016.”

Marketing balls, probably using expensive outside consultants. What we want is an NHS that reflects the current and future needs of patients, i.e. new beds not a new identity. Click here for a second missing NHS body and to add more


Suggest suitable captions for these images:

13656699 - cool party and drunk woman

Caption 2 – suggestion



Click here and register missing NHS Authorities and suggested captions for the images by leaving details in the reply/comments box near the foot of the page.

¹ Organogram – NHS jargon for what normal people refer to as an organisation chart.


2 thoughts on “Festive Fun!

  1. Another NHS body: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/national-data-guardian.

    The Office of the National Data Guardian for Health and Care – a good idea for Southern Health and others that defy provisions of The Data Protection Act 1998 and ignore action prescribed by the Information Commissioner . However, it has so few resources that it just passes cases to the Care[less] Quality Commission, who refuse to look at individual cases anyway.

    The same could be achieved by giving the Information Commission powers to take enforcement action on individual cases – with the added advantage of being entirely independent of the NHS. We found his office by far the most helpful regulator.

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  2. Another NHS body – http://www.ncas.nhs.uk/ The National Clinical Assessment ‘Service’ (NCAS)

    This important but little known NHS quango was established in 2001. It purportedly helps manage poor medical performance but is implicated in the mistreatment of whistle-blowers too. Crucially, NCAS also has a role in advising NHS employers who suspend practitioners under procedures euphemistically named “Maintaining High Professional Standards in the Modern NHS”. For further observations visit: https://minhalexander.com/2017/01/06/national-clinical-assessment-disservice/


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