Armistice Day Letter to Jeremy Hunt

16031407 - remembrance poppy cardWhilst agonising how we could adequately reflect the anger and frustration felt by governors, bereaved families, carers and others who met NHS Improvement this week, the following ‘Open Letter’ to the Secretary of State arrived. It says it all:



There is little to add, other than for context. On 4th July 2016, NHS Improvement wrote:

We fully appreciate that the trust needs help to improve quickly and we are providing that help, working closely with the CQC and Healthwatch, whose role it is to represent the views of patients.”

Read more background here→  and then reread the last three paragraphs of the ‘Open Letter’ above: they speaks for themselves. It appears that key NHSI executives have not even seen Smart’s much vaunted whitewash Board Capability Review (costing £116,477) the results of which he announced on 30th June 2016. 

And one more thing, the same NHSI Executives also have not seen the Holder Report – a damming indictment of Southern Health’s Board and its attitude to health and safety – written as long ago as 2012 but clearly ignored.   

Families, who lost loved-ones in battle, at least have the comfort of knowing their relatives died in making the world a better and safer place.

Families, who lost loved-ones at Southern Health, deserve the same consolation of knowing their relatives died so that future patients might live. They are not so comforted – the reverse is the case. Southern Health and NHSI’s actions and inaction only  serve to make matters worse.  

36756140 - illustration of a red ringing alarm clock.

s216_Jim-Mackey-chief-executive-1Wake up Jim Mackeywhere are you?

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5 thoughts on “Armistice Day Letter to Jeremy Hunt

  1. Astounding indeed that it’s traditional, (and a good one may I add) to remember and acknowledge the sacrifice of those soldiers who died in the war field. Yet, the powers that be in the Department of Health, will not learn from the death of folks sacrificed on the altar of management incompetence, ineptitude, and dereliction of duty!
    Someone ought to hang their head in shame!


  2. A moving and entirely appropriate “open letter”.
    Did the letter appear within the correspondence sections of any of the newspapers to which it was sent ?
    I hope so.


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