How many alarms does it take to wake up Southern Health!

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A, “Wake-up call” for Southern Health, Coroner Grahame Short told an inquest in Winchester on 27 September 2016.


Full marks to our friends at the BBC for their coverage of events relating to Southern Health – three reporters and three cameramen all ‘on their case’ in one day!

Michael Buchanan reported on the Inquest into the sad death of Marion Munns for the national news, whilst David Fenton did so for regional news. BBC South news linked David’s report cleverly to Steve Humphrey who interviewed bereaved families and other campaigners after their second meeting with Southern Health’s Interim Chief Executive and Nursing Director, facilitated by Healthwatch Hampshire.

Inquest Marion Munns

Followers of Southern Health’s tragic history were unsurprised by the verdict – another preventable death. In addition to, “A wake up call” the Coroner said Southern Health had failed to put in place care plans or a risk assessment.

Even more concerning, coroner Grahame Short, whilst acknowledging there had been failings within the Trust regarding Marion’s care,  allegedly agreed also there had been significant policy changes since the tragedy. Read more→ .  One would like to ask Mr Short why, in the light of previous Inquests, he has such confidence that the Trust has learned from this latest event and how many of his previous findings of fault were remedied.

In a statement, Southern Health said it had made, “Comprehensive changes” to its Older Persons Mental Health Service. Of course it did – we shall see.


Facilitated by Healthwatch Hampshire, a group of campaigners for reform at Southern Health (“the Group”) met Interim Chief Executive, Julie Dawes, Interim Director of Nursing, Sara Courtney and Head of External Communications, Liz Pusey at South Winchester Golf Club.

This statement was issued to the media after the meeting. “We” is the group.


Contrast this with the views of governors, who claimed only two days earlier to have, “Heard and understood” the views of patients, families and the community: read more→.

The governors are living in ‘La-La Land.’ 

On learning the Coroner’s comment about, ‘A Wake-up Call’, one of the Group quipped:

“They must have a load of alarm clocks going off at Tatchbury Mount.”

Which begs the question:







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