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More trawling through the mass of data, which took Southern Health over 880 days to disclose, has uncovered more evidence relating to collusion between Southern Health and Deloitte, this time also engaging Rebecca George OBE – no less than its  Global Public Sector & Health Services Lead as well as Dr Jay Bevington.

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And now the new evidence.

On 23 January 2014, Miss OBE sent the misleading and dishonest response to the Department of Health and Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group, a draft of which hDeloitterers 2016-07-13 001ad been ‘doctored’ by Katrina Percy.


On 23 January 2014, in an open and transparent manner, straight out of Southern Health’s staff handbook, Miss OBE asks Southampton CCG not to share the misleading and dishonest reply with the patient.

And on 24 January 2014, the Department of Health informs Miss OBE that there are issues of governance to address and confirms two of them specifically.

Delitterers2p1 2016-07-13 001


The last sentence of the Department of Health’s email is worth emphasising:

“It is not for me to decide the remit of your investigation but my view is that there are governance issues raised by [patient’s] experience that are a cause for concern.”

So there you are – Deloitte took a (no doubt) very substantial amount of taxpayers’ money for a review of Southern Health’s quality and governance but did not even investigate governance issues identified by the Department of Health!

And it was over another two years from 24 January 2014 before the patient obtained his data. Unsurprising now we know what it contains.



And this from the Global Public Sector Health & Social Services Lead for Deloitte, not just the UK but global!

Nice work – and an OBE – if you can get it.



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