I don’t believe it!



Victor Meldrew would have something to say about recent news relating to Southern Health but the temptation to use the image of a grumpy old man (Tim Smart) is resisted.


Who is listening to Mazars?

The lead director of Mazars, responsible for their Review of Southern Health, informs us that NHS Trusts generally are taking the report very seriously. NHS Trusts nationwide are regularly asking her to make presentations to their officials.

Who is not listening to Mazars?

Tim Smart, Interim Chairman of Southern Health – who admitted to a meeting of My Life My Choice last week that he hasn’t even read the Review. Despite not having read it, he asserted that the Review is wrong and that he hadn’t seen anything that lays blame at the door of Katrina Percy. He appears to have caught the psychic powers of Dr ‘Mystic Meg Lesley’ Stevens. Read more →

As NHS [Un]-improvement imposed Smart upon Southern Health largely as a result of the outcome of the Mazars Review and subsequent CQC reports, it appears that he is being paid a (no doubt very generous salary) on false pretences.

That’s not-so smart, Mr Smart.

Blistering attack on Tim (not-so) Smart

In a letter to the Secretary of State, a bereaved family member has launched a blistering attack on Tim (not-so) Smart about his conduct at the recent Board Meeting: we will publish the text if permitted by the author to do so. This is the third complaint about his conduct: read the first two →

Nepotism in action

In February 2016, The Independent Commission on Acute Adult Psychiatric Care, led by Lord Nigel Crisp published a report. It included recognition of Southern Health’s mental health work. Surely Crisp had heard of the Mazars Review and knew there were serious question marks around the care provided to mental health patients?

Readers may think it odd that Crisp highlighted Southern Health in his report.

Turns out he works with Katrina Percy’s dad though. Read more →

News from Parliament

7 May 2016: A small group of MPs led by Suella Fernandes is grilling Smart today.

8 May 2016: Debate in Westminster Hall at 14.30 hrs.

“That this House has considered the governance of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust: Suella Fernandes.”

It is unlikely that BBC Parliament will broadcast a Westminster Hall debate but Parliament Live should broadcast it. See guide →


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