Censorship gone mad!

Stop censorship

The Board is showing signs of fear and panic before the upcoming extraordinary meeting of the Council of Governors by appearing to close down direct access to Governors.



At the meeting of the Council of Governors on 26 April 2016, public governors made it clear that they wished to engage more with patients and families.

Some – those unsympathetic towards the current leadership – asked for evidence of wrong doing by certain directors, calling some of the allegations especially serious, in particular the Deloitterers scandal.

Surprise, surprise! On phoning Southern Health on Friday, they refused to provide the governors’ generic email address! Wouldn’t it be typical of the executive directors to take advantage of the few days’ gap between Chairmen to close down debate – of course, the generic email address would ensure that a copy reached the new Chairman too.

Many governors have been complaining anyway that they have not been properly or promptly informed in the past. For this reason, at an earlier meeting, some governors agreed they should each have their own direct Southern Health email address, published as links on the Directory of Governors page on the web site. Clearly, the Board was not keen on that idea either – nothing has happened in the subsequent four months. 

Clearly, the Board has kept this new ‘policy’ from the governors. Andrew Joy, who is overtly supportive of the Board, later wrote to us, copying it to the generic address – here it is anyway – governors@southernhealth.nhs.uk

This would have been our guess anyway but, as the executive is trying to censor communications, it is clear that we must use governors’ personal email addresses, where known. The supportive governors will understand: the others will object.

Oh: And the same Andrew Joy, who is Hampshire County Council’s Appointed Governor, refused to speak on the phone – even to a Hampshire Council Tax payer – to email him direct, click here.

His other direct contact details are on the Council’s web site – a few telephone calls would not go amiss – polite lobbying please, not abuse like families receive from alleged Southern Health staff – click here for recording and transcript.

More on Joyless and a NED (apt acronym!) later – Sara Ryan was rightly upset by a letter she received alleging (falsely) to be approved by all the governors – but at least it was signed and on headed paper. Just wait to see how NEDs address patients!


Provisional date for promised extraordinary meeting of Council of Governors to debate emergency resolution and vote of no confidence in the Board 17 May 2016. We emphasis ‘provisional’ – keep checking Southern Health web site



Having said that, Southern Health’s web site was inaccessible yesterday and remains so today – definitely not our server. Another cunning stunt – surely not!

We need massed ranks of patients and families to attend and lobby the governors – on more show of strength in the presence (hopefully) of the new Chairman might just tip the balance when the vote is taken.

21138265_sLocal spies report that the situation even within Southern Health is close to Civil War. Must be great for staff morale.

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