Battle of Tatchbury Mount

On 2 May 2016, kara2008 commented about Southern Health directors:  


“Can I volunteer to participate in the massed ranks proffering an Agincourt salute on the frabjous¹ day when they finally do depart, preferably minus any payoff?”

You’re welcome!



Save for direct action by the Chairman, the public must rely on the Governors to hold NEDs² to account i.e. in turn to ensure NEDs hold Executive Directors to account – roles at which both Governors and NEDS have failed spectacularly since Southern Health’s formation: CQC reports and The Mazars Review speak for themselves.

The email exchange below with Hampshire County Council’s Appointed Governor, Andrew Joy, proves that we still face an uphill task. Southern Health’s senior management and NEDs arrange brainwashing sessions workshops with governors, no doubt using their ‘slippery‘ skills to get them onside. It appears also that they have brainwashed trained at least some of the governors in their own habit of avoiding difficult conversations with complainants by making the latter put everything in writing. At least we got the truth in the end – even if it did take six emails. In order [courtesies redacted for brevity]:

CRASH to Joy – 3 May 2016 at 10.00 hrs.

“When you have a few minutes available, I would be grateful if you could call me: it is not about my specific case. If you are calling either for a discussion or just to make a telephone appointment, please note: [redacted – CRASH’s dates available].”

Joy to CRASH – 3 May 2016 at 11.30 hrs.

“It would be helpful to have an outline of the matter(s) you wish to discuss prior to a phone call. If it/they are related either directly or indirectly to any issue or subject referred to in previous contact with or through Hampshire County Council then, of course, you should contact the”

CRASH to Joy – 3 May 2016 at 11.52 hrs. (Getting cross – can see what’s coming)

“I wish to talk to you as a Governor of Southern Health – and no, I’m not writing first: I’ve been doing that [with Southern Health] for 4.5 years.”

Joy to CRASH – 3 May 2016 at 12.20 hrs.

“I don’t need a detailed submission but I do need to know the subject, purpose or issue as a basis for a discussion.”

CRASH to Joy – 3 May 2016 at 16.16 hrs. 

“I wish to discuss last week’s Council of Governor’s meeting. In particular your attitude to the extraordinary resolution (which has now been published) and your expression of confidence in KP and LS.”

CRASH to Joy <> – 6 May 2016 at 13.14 hrs.
Cc:                                                                                       Attachment: SHNFT – Open Letter to KP, LS – 01.05.16 (Redacted).pdf

“Thank you for identifying the subject you wished to discuss. My draft conclusions, regarding progress made and planned, for consideration by those governors who attended both facilitated joint discussions and workshops between the SHNFT Senior Management Team, Non-Executive Directors and Trust Governors were just that – draft. They were drafted on behalf of, and as a reflection of the views articulated by, Governors at the conclusion of the second joint session.

In light of subsequent intervention and reports by CQC, Monitor and others and as agreed with Mike Petter, Chairman of Governors, it was agreed not to publish them without further discussion with Governors. That remains the position and I have nothing further to add.

Any discussion you wish to have regarding the attached ‘open’ letter calling on Katrina Percy, CEO, and Dr Lesley Stevens, Medical Director, to resign, should be addressed to the Interim Chair of the Board and Council of Governors, Tim Smart.

Andrew Joy, Hampshire County Cllr, Executive Member for Communities, Partnerships & External Affairs, HCC Appointed Governor to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

01962 667916, 01420 85251, 07814 819886″

Summary of long response from CRASH:

  1. No longer represents views of  Hampshire taxpayers.
  2. Does not change fact that comments at governors’ meeting were perceived as vote of confidence in leadership. 
  3. Disappointed he was indoctrinated so quickly.
  4. Letter to Sara Ryan stating (falsely) that it was approved by all governors.
  5. Reminder of duty as a governor to take public views into account: improper to dismiss Open Letter to KP and LS. Had we spoken, he would have been directed to proof of allegations.
  6. Difference between his attitude and those of other governors.
  7. Agreement at last meeting that governors needed to talk more to patients. 
  8. He has adopted the same tactics as the NHS to avoid contentious discussions.
  9. Should resign as Appointed Governor.


What else does this tell us about Cllr Joy?



  1. Of his own volition, he is not interested in patients’ opinion of KP and LS.
  2. Guilty mind – he proffers option of contacting Hampshire CC’s corporate complaints department!
¹ [1872] Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass; perhaps meant to suggest fabulous or joyous.
² Non-Executive Directors.

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