“Since you’ve got to go. Oh you had better go now. Go now. Go Now. Go Now.

[Moody Blues 1965]

It has taken almost two days to reduce this Open Letter to Katrina Percy and Dr Lesley Stevens to two pages – there’s enough to fill a book! The author’s details are redacted for online purposes and Southern Health’s for brevity. For contact details, click here.

KP-LS1 2016-05-01 002


KP-LS3 2016-05-01 0018361927_m

 Was it Winston Churchill who once wrote:   

I am sorry my report is so long: I didn’t have time to write a short one!

How very true.

And here’s another comment attributed to the Great Man:



As the Teflon Twins clearly think they are great, they should take responsibility and GO NOW.

Please email your support via the address on the contact page or leave a reply below.

I thought we’d keep the ‘V’-sign (Winston’s way round) for the future – when they go!

6 thoughts on “GO NOW!

  1. Can I volunteer to participate in the massed ranks proffering an Agincourt salute on the frabjous day when they finally do depart, preferably minus any payoff?


  2. BBC news.
    I find it hard to believe that Katrina Percy has the nerve to continue, but what really amazes me is why someone senior in the NHS hasn’t picked up the phone and sacked the whole board by 9 am on friday or indeed several months ago.


  3. After 4 years of catastrophic failure, highlighted in two damning reports, how is it that the same managers of this trust are allowed to continue. It beggars belief. In education if Ofsted gave such a damning report on a school or local authority stating they had little or no confidence in the management to implement the changes necessary to improve the situation then heads would roll. Why should the NHS be any different?


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