Just imagine

Just imagine the trauma families suffer, when their loved-ones do not survive. This is just one example from Sara Ryan’s blog:

“Just imagine. Nearly three years after her son ‘LB’ died. After two ‘independent’ reviews by Verita were published. After the police closed their investigation into LB’s death because they couldn’t find any evidence that linked the Sloven senior team to the crap provision at STATT. After a two week inquest…

Just imagine you get sent a previously unseen document, anonymously, via My Life My Choice. A document which shows that Sloven knew that the provision on the Slade House site was crap in August 2012. Nearly three months before they took over the Ridgeway provision.”

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Note: Sloven – descriptive name for Southern Health used by others.

And the follow-up letter to CEOs of NHS Improvement, Monitor, NHS England and to the Secretary of State says it all:

Sara Ryan letter

And Southern Health’s alleged comment following its CEO’s meeting with Hampshire Members of Parliament yesterday:

We do not comment on private meetings.

In short, according to Southern Health, why should the public and service users be interested in patient health and safety?


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