What data security?

Your scribe was surprised to find Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust processing his data – without ever receiving services from Oxford Health!

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Oxford Health 2016-03-09 002

Not half as surprised as Oxford Health’s Health Records Manager Tina ‘Tantrum’ Thomas (“TTT”), who retorted unpleasantly:

“Further to our telephone conversation yesterday, and my subsequent discussions with Dr Julie Chalmers, and Mark Underwood, Head of Information Governance. I can confirm to you that, as a Trust, we have had no involvement with your complaint to Southern Health. Dr Chalmers was undertaking an independent review and was acting in her capacity as Chair of Section 12 Doctors for the strategic Health Authority.

You will need to contact either Southern Health or NHS England with regard to the issues you have raised.

As Health Records Manager for Oxford Health Foundation Trust I am unable to help you with the issues you raised so I would appreciate you not making any further contact with me.”

With Dr Chalmers using Oxford Health’s email address, it is absurd of TTT to claim Oxford Health is not processing patient data – even if the data subject is not their patient and Dr Chalmers is doing work ‘on the side’ using their email address. As a measure of her competence, TTT refers patients to NHS England – the wrong authority for s.12-approved doctors after SHAs were wound up.

The fact is that Dr Chalmers asked all the right questions of Dr McCormack; Dr McC gave all the wrong answers but when this was pointed out to Dr C, she ignored it.

THE SISTERHOOD OF CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRISTS LIVES ON – though no doubt the Brotherhood is no better, save for those (of both gender) working solely in the private sector. This time Dr C and Dr Helen ‘can’t keep a promise’ McCormack – who just happened to be Southern Health’s Caldicott Guardian at the time – responsible for data security – surely not?

How can NHS patients opt-out of automatic data sharing if they don’t know – and could not possibly predict – that a Trust, of which they have no knowledge, is processing their data.

OMG – I’ve just found Dr Julie Chalmers is Specialist Adviser Mental Health Law to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. So the person advising the Royal College on Mental Health Law does not know that detention under the Mental Health Act without lawful justification is a tort of strict liability; accepts the word of cronies without question; and accepts that s.12-approved doctors can lie on section forms in detaining patients. 

The obvious difference between Oxford Health and Southern Health?

With a single call to Oxford Health’s Complaints and PALS team (thanks Alex), your scribe had a direct dial number to Kerry Rogers, Director of Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary – and she picked up without, unlike KP, the army of minders (and Dr Lesley Stevens) to cover her back. Of course, I am sure that this has nothing at all to do with the fact that Kerry has worked in the ‘real world’ – outwith the NHS!

Kerry Rogers – Next CEO of Southern Health?

Would Southern Health risk an Inspector of Taxes and someone who has worked in the ‘real world’ too! The jury is out until she responds!


© Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

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