Guy Fawkes and his accomplices: conspirators of the Gunpowder plot on Bonfire Night.


In 2013/14, Southern Health engaged Deloitte LLP for a (presumably independent): 

“Review of quality and governance at the Trust.”

Here is the story of email exchanges in just one hour of their diligent review, which occurred on 22 January 2014: note how cosily they address each other by first name. 

08.13 hrs: Dr Jay Bevington of Deloitte writes to Katrina ‘Teflon’ Percy and Sue ‘Hello Sailor’ Harriman asking them to approve a draft email response to a CCG and the Department of Health.

Delotte 4 2016-02-28 001

At 08.34 hrs Katrina replies asking Jay to remove a sentence because we:

          “Wouldn’t want the CCG and DH to believe there is any more to investigate.”

Wonder why?

At 09.13 hrs, Jay engages with two other Deloitte officials, Senior Partner (Rebecca George) and John Murray and at 09.50 hrs Sue joins the conspiracy to mislead a CCG and The Department of Health.

Deloiite - SHNFT 1 2016-02-28 001




Bevington’s email also contains a number of falsehoods.

For example:



  1. To claim Southern Health worked with the patient to select an independent investigator is utter rubbish: they promised in writing a senior NHS Consultant from another area (working outside normal hours) but imposed a person with no medical or legal expertise and the PHSO denied he was one of its assistant investigators too.
  2. Monitor and the CQC do not investigate individual complaints so were not involved in any investigations. Monitor met to say that they couldn’t do anything and the CCQ did not meet at all until August 2015.
  3. The GMC was investigating but were obstructed by SHNFT’s failure to provide complete and accurate data. They found fault in a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Courtney but could not put him before a Tribunal owing to lack of corroboratory evidence, thanks to Southern Health, who have spent another 13-15 months trying to obstruct an application for a Rule 12 Review, which has a 2-year time limit.
  4. There never has been an investigation by the NMC.
  5. The ICO gave good advice and made several attempts to ‘persuade’ Southern Health to comply, without success. The Department of Health and National Audit Office also intervened to the same end – and were both rebutted by SHNFT too.

It will not surprise readers to know that Bevington has NHS blood running through his veins. Inter alia, he trained as a Clinical Psychologist and is on the Team Coaching Register at the NHS Leadership Academy – did he coach Percy in her [lack of] leadership skills.

It would be entirely improper to suggest that the massive fees they receive from SHNFT – £582,467.57 in just four months (between 30 April and 31 August 2015)¹ – could possibly influence Deloitte’s alleged independence. Surely not?

It is unknown if the £582,467.57 included the cost of Deloitte reviewing Southern Health’s quality and governance, which probably ended in 2014. Nevertheless in little more than a year later, Mazars found:

 “A failure of leadership and of governance.”

Clearly Deloitterers offer excellent value for money! Indeed, using the Mazars Review as evidence, Southern Health should asked for its money back!

¹ Southern Health response to FOI request 1092.

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