At sixes and sevens


We showed how Southern Health violated five Acts of Parliament in attempting to pervert the course of inquiries by Regulators and Ombudsmen – six if one includes two Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (The Human Rights Act 1998) at:

On the same basis, it could now be six or seven. Under The Care Act 2014:

Section 81 imposes a statutory duty of candour.

Section 92 makes it an offence for a public body or person who supplies health services or adult social care in England to provide false and misleading information.

Sub-sections 92(8) and 92(9) imply that these offences applied under earlier legislation but that would need a solicitor’s knowledge to interpret properly.

Section 93 details the penalties – it is a criminal offence.

Section 94 details ‘Offences by bodies.’ This applies when it is proved that the offence is committed by, or with the consent or connivance of, or is attributable to neglect on the part of a director, manager or [company] secretary of the body or a person purporting to act in such a capacity.


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