More pickles!

25258861a_sJust to make things really inconvenient, Bevan Brittan has sent me a letter by email, which is secured so tightly, it cannot even be printed!

Update 5 February 2016 – did not want a third posting on pickles, but they’ve now an sent an email letter to the Department of Health, which the department could not even open – much less print. 


Moreover my email came from and there was no reference or anything else to indicate which Partner wrote it. At this point, I looked for an image of a chicken (or 5) but couldn’t be bothered to waste my time

Basically, they thought I should be writing through the Chairman – entirely contrary to protocol once solicitors are instructed. Also the Chairman knew I was going to do it anyway!

Here is the email reply:


CC: Chair [Southern Health]; Department of Health [Name redacted]

 Dear All 

Your letter is wholly wrong and inappropriate. Don’t you dare patronise me about the law or solicitors’ protocol.

  1. You refer to the Chairman’s email of 27 January 2016: he wrote that before I became aware that the Trust had instructed solicitors. Moreover, he asked me not to contact other SHNFT staff and officers. He does not bar me from addressing the Trust’s solicitors.
  2. Once solicitors’ are instructed on a matter, protocol determines (as you well know) that the other party corresponds with those solicitors not with the client. It is wholly improper of you to suggest otherwise.
  3. The Chairman knows I had (or was about to – can’t remember the timing) write to you: he had no objections because he is keen to get the matter resolved and it was a way of me obtaining details of those to whom you have written in the hope of hurrying them along. He was out of the office for most of yesterday so couldn’t do it himself.
  4. What’s more, one of you is so cowardly that your email came through an anonymous address; there is no indication on the email or letter of the Partner that wrote it and it even is locked so I cannot print it for my file. Incidentally, I’m always suspicious of solicitors who use 0370/0870 telephone numbers anyway and now I have found one who uses anonymous email address too. It is a bit rich (when representing SHNFT) to imply that I would ‘doctor’ a letter but you can still send a printable and secure pdf file (as you well know) by scanning the letter first.

Please send me a printable pdf file by return email.

I am copying this to Mike Petter and to The Department of Health.

What a pickle!”

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