No cameras!


The first announcement at last week’s Board Meeting:




Unsurprising after the well-documented Extraordinary Meetings earlier in January, which were another example of Southern Health’s lack of Crisis Management Skills. It was inviting trouble and bad press – and did they get it – in spades! I could see it coming a mile off – but was not about to tell them!

But a real surprise too – unless we dozed off and were dreaming – the words “sorry” and “preventable” emanating from Katrina Percy’s mouth in answering a question from another bereaved family – Mr & Mrs Younghusband, who allegedly said, “They do not trust Ravenswood House.” Surprise, surprise!

Interesting was an off-the-cuff comment by the same Hurricane Katrina implying that she was going to have a cosy one-to-one with “Suella.” This time, it appears that we might have dozed off – I know that someone more responsible from Southern Health is meeting Suella Fernandez MP today. 

We had to deal with some traumatic developments after the Board Meeting: a full report on it will follow.

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