Disappearing Act 3

I am at a loss to understand why Regulators and Commissioners do not send observers to Southern Health’s Board & Governors’ Meetings.

One told me it was not appropriate to attend because the meetings were an opportunity for the public to ask questions and receive answers. Am I naïve – isn’t this exactly why they should attend?

So, I have sent another Open Email.

“Sent: 24 January 2016 16:37

To: heather.hauschild@westhampshireccg.nhs.uk; Diane Law(whccg.yourfeedback@nhs.net); Meeta Patel (complaints@cqc.org.uk); Tracey.Forester@cqc.org.uk; National Complaints & Enquiries  (feedback@england.nhs.uk); Tom.Grimes@Monitor.gov.uk; Helen.Buckingham@Monitor.gov.uk; Jim.Mackey@Monitor.gov.uk; england.contactus@nhs.net; karen.bennett-wilson@cqc.org.uk; Kirsten.Watson@cqc.org.uk

Cc: sara.ryan@phc.ox.ac.uk; sticeforlb@gmail.com; richardjwest@btinternet.com; andrew.joy@hants.gov.uk; michael.buchanan@bbc.co.uk; maxwell.kusi-obodum@dailyecho.co.uk; councillor.p.lewzey@southampton.gov.uk; dharrison100@aol.com


NHS England: please forward this email to Simon Stevens, Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE and Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

CQC: please forward this email to David Behan CBE, Sir Richard Francis QC and David Roberts.


I refer to the email below and am disappointed that not one representative of a Commissioner or Regulator attended the Board Meeting on 11 January as an observer. I note also that nobody had the courtesy to reply.

Without naming names, I understand that one of the organisations feels it inappropriate to send an observer for the perverse reason that the meetings are an opportunity for the public to ask questions!!

That’s exactly why commissioners and regulators should attend – to hear questions, hear (usually evasive) answers, assess the effectiveness (or lack if it) of SHNFT’s directors and governors, and learn what is going on, i.e. nothing to instil confidence.

Moreover, at the Board Meeting, more than one non-executive director of SHNFT agreed that representatives of commissioners and regulators governors should attend to observe. They confirmed also that commissioners and regulators always receive advanced notice of these meetings so my emails should be unnecessary.

Perhaps if I use the hackneyed NHS euphamism, “A learning opportunity” it might persuade you to instruct a colleague to attend.

Compare this with MENCAP – a charity: I spoke to an official at its London HQ on the afternoon of Friday 8th January but she still found it sufficiently important to arrive at the venue for the Board Meeting on Monday 11th January before 08.00hrs. It would be encouraging to see commissioners and regulators taking such a keen interest.

As before, I will copy this separately to other organisations in due course.

It will be interesting to see if a regulator or commissioner attends the next Board and Governors’ meetings – both on the same day, 26th January 2016, at the same venue. 

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Contact author of email at crash@marchwood.free-online.co.uk.

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