Disappearance Act 2


“Sent: 10 January 2016 16:30

To: Heather Hauschild (heather.hauschild@westhampshireccg.nhs.uk); Diane Law (whccg.yourfeedback@nhs.net); Meeta Patel (complaints@cqc.org.uk)>; ‘Forester, Tracey’ <Tracey.Forester@cqc.org.uk>; ‘National Complaints & Enquiries’ <feedback@england.nhs.uk>; ‘Tom.Grimes@Monitor.gov.ukHelen.Buckingham@Monitor.gov.uk; Jim.Mackey@Monitor.gov.uk

Cc: Sara Ryan (sara.ryan@phc.ox.ac.uk); ‘Justice for LB’ <justiceforlb@gmail.com>; ‘Richard West’ <richardjwest@btinternet.com>; andrew.joy@hants.gov.uk; michael.buchanan@bbc.co.uk; maxwell.kusi-obodum@dailyecho.co.uk; councillor.p.lewzey@southampton.gov.uk; dharrison100@aol.com

Subject: [OPEN EMAIL] – Why do Regulators and Commissioners appear to be ‘hiding’ from Southern Health’s ‘survivors’ of near-misses and families of the deceased? Importance: High


Complaints Staff – where relevant, please forward this open email immediately as detailed in the pre-amble. It will be published today so it will be extremely embarrassing if anyone approaches your directors and they haven’t seen it.


Where I do not have direct email addresses (or may have ‘guessed’ them incorrectly), this open email is sent via Complaints Managers (and similar) for forwarding. This includes (but is not necessarily limited too) the following addressees:

  1. NHS England – Simon Stevens and Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE (who do not reply to my letters anyway) and also Professor Sir Bruce Keogh (who I have not approached before).
  2. Monitor – Jim Mackey, who is (relatively) new.
  3. CQC – David Behan CBE, Sir Richard Francis QC and David Roberts.

I will also be copying it separately to The Secretary of State for Health (via his officials), The National Audit Office and other organisations, whose officials may not wish to be identified specifically.


Why are Regulators and Commissioners apparently ‘hiding’ from Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s ‘survivors’ of near-misses and families of the deceased?

At a meeting of the Council of Governors on 8 January 2016, I did not identify a single observer in the public seats representing Monitor, the CQC, NHS England or West Hampshire CCG. (If anyone was present, they did not identify themselves to me.)

When all four organisations are claiming to be acting robustly following the Mazars Review, why did you not take the ‘common sense’ opportunity of meeting unhappy ex-patients and family groups face-to face all at the same time and to hear what the Governors are (or are not) doing? It is self-evident that you should have done so.

I have already challenged Monitor and West Hampshire CCG (via respective Complaints Managers) to send an observer to the upcoming Board Meeting on 11 January 2016 – so this time you two cannot claim ignorance of a meeting. However, if you are all genuinely intent on monitoring Southern Health’s post-Mazars conduct, clearly you should have known about the meetings anyway – by definition, they are part of SHNFT’s alleged post-Mazars improvement plans.

I had planned to write a full Open Letter to you suggesting you send observers to the Board Meeting and noting their absence from the Governors’ Meeting but I ran out of time.

I will send you and publish the full Open Letter in due course, updated once I know which of you send observers on Monday. It is a great disappointment (but unsurprising to many of us) that we have to attempt to shame you by this means into sending observers.

Perhaps in response, you could explain why you are so reluctant (or even refuse) to engage with ex-patients and family groups. Most in-patients, families or even out-patients at the time of inspections (like the Trust’s own staff) will feel very nervous about complaining for fear of reprisals.

There are certain people at CQC who should already [be]having very sleepless nights following the Mazars Review and, in particular, about the death of Connor Sparrowhawk. On or very shortly after 27 January 2012, they knew of a ‘near-miss’ resulting from failure to risk assess a seizure and suspected stroke patient: if the CQC had taken it seriously and acted then, Connor might still be alive.

Connor passed away on 4 July 2013: the CQC had 1½ years to act before his “preventable” death

Monitor – only ‘got away with it’ by ‘the skin of their teeth’: they knew of the near-miss incident on 3 July 2013 so could not intervene within 24-hrs. However, they continue to refuse mulishly to engage fully with the surviving patient and take action – even post-publication of the Mazars Review.

To avoid doubt, I absolve Diane Law (West Hampshire CCG Complaints Manager) of implied criticism in this email. Indeed you could all learn from her diligence, empathy and understanding: it is a pity that (in my opinion) she does not receive the support she deserves from her director

I hope that, for the first time in (up to) 4 years, some of you will start taking me seriously: again Diane Law is excluded.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely”

Contact author of email at crash@marchwood.free-online.co.uk

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