Disappearing Act 1

Why are the Regulators and Commissioners ‘hiding’ from Southern Health’s victims and their families?

At the meeting of the Council of Governors, did anyone find an observer in the public seats representing Monitor, the CQC, NHS England or West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group? I didn’t.

When all four are claiming to be acting robustly following the Mazars Review, should they not have taken the ‘common sense’ opportunity of meeting unhappy ex-patients and family groups face-to face all at the same time? In case anyone is tempted to reply to this question, it is rhetorical – of course they should have had an observer present.

I have already challenged Monitor and West Hampshire CCG to send an observer to the upcoming Board Meeting – so this time those two cannot claim ignorance of the meeting. However, if they really are genuinely intent on monitoring Southern Health’s post-Mazars conduct, they clearly should have known about the meetings anyway – the meetings are, by definition, part of SHNFT’s post-Mazars alleged improvement plans.

I planned to write an Open Letter to them suggesting they attend the upcoming Board Meeting and noting their absence from the Governors’ Meeting but ran out of time. However, by phone, I have informed Monitor and the CCG of my intent (I have direct line numbers for senior officials there) and that I will confirm it over the weekend in a brief Open Email. If they are not present on Monday, I will just make the full Open Letter one that questions their absence from both meetings!

I will publish the open email here once written and … in due course the full Open Letter. The outcome will be interesting – if predictable! If we cannot shame them into attending, there is no hope – unless the police become involved.

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