Governors Meeting

If today’s meeting achieved anything, the Governors went away shocked at the extent to which they have been kept in the dark by the Board. The Governors agreed to the whole meeting being recorded in sound and in vision. Two television crews recorded the meeting and Michael Buchanan of the BBC was present throughout.

The press and public were allowed to ask questions without limits being imposed:  their questions were robust and to the point -significantly more so (with notable exceptions) than questions, which the Governors posed to the Directors.

There were three disappointments:

  • Two governors chickened out and left when the others voted to allow media to record the meeting. Surprisingly this included Helen Keats, even though she was present only by telephone link.
  • There appears to be no inclination to hold to account those  responsible for the 4-year failure of leadership, identified unequivocally by Mazars, or even to carry out disciplinary inquiries into their conduct.
  • It was evident that the non-executive directors had been asleep on the job – or (in fairness) kept in the dark too.

As the meeting was recorded in full, one hopes that a full transcript will be published in fairly short order.

Roll on the Extraordinary Board Meeting on 11 January 2016 but be alert to last minute changes.

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