Ask the Directors & Governors

Meeting of the Council of Governors – the venue of the next ‘bored’ and governors’ meetings have been announced:

Lyndhurst Community Centre, Main Car Park, Lyndhurst, SO43 7NY

The Board Meeting starts at 09.00 and is scheduled to end at 11.30 hrs.

The Meeting of the Council of Governors is scheduled to run from 14.00 to 17.oo hrs.

There is normally an opportunity for the public to ask questions at both meetings. In the current circumstances, it is likely they will limit questions to one per person so it would be helpful for several patient representatives to attend.

The entrance to the Community Centre is in a public car park so there are no issues relating to being on private property as occurred at a meeting about Southern Health between Oxfordshire County Council and NHS England, reported in the post headed, ‘Mazars, the pop-up display and lives’ at

The last time I attended a ‘bored’ meeting there, the Socialist Workers’ Party was picketing outside the meeting for a decent pay rise for low paid Southern Health workers: not a problem that effects the Board!

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