West Hampshire CCG

Well the Mazars Review is published at last (two hours before Parliament rose) and we all have plenty of reading to do.

I received an announcement from West Hampshire CCG: here are extracts from the accompanying email.

“We would like to offer our sincere condolences to any families that may have lost loved ones and are affected by this issue.”

After providing the link to the Mazars Review https://www.england.nhs.uk/south/our-work/ind-invest-reports/ the email continued:

“[The report] highlights a number of actions for regulators, commissioners and the Trust.  A link to our full response to the recommendations can be found here:

“We accept the recommendations made in today’s … report.” As the lead commissioner for Hampshire for mental health and learning disability services, we will work with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust … to ensure that the recommendations to improve our processes and reporting are implemented.”

We recognise that services for patients in mental health and learning disability need to continue to improve and we are committed to do so.

Since … 2013, we have committed an additional £6 million to mental health services….”

“We continued to work with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to ensure that services are safe for these patients.”

“An NHS helpline has been established for anyone directly affected by the Mazars report: 0300 311 2233.”

Note at least in the email:

  • The usual, “Sincere condolences” but no apologies for the failings of Commissioners.
  • The spin: not we will improve but we will “continue to improve.”

Will complete this posting later but right now I’m feeling ill – having just seen KP interviewed on TV.

Continued 18.12.15

I have now read West Hampshire CCG’s response – again full of assurances about what they will ‘continue to do’; no admission of inadequate oversight in the past; and most notably no apologies. 

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